Thursday, April 17, 2008

Rangers Beat Jays in 14

A few years ago my friends and I were headed to a comedy club and when we were almost there, one realized he'd left his wallet and ID back at the place. We had to go back and get it, making us late for the show.

Not that there was anything comical about last night's game, but Broussard would be my ID-less friend (and Benoit would be the one no one wanted to come but came anyway).

I hate walks, but another thing I beginning to hate more is allowing batters to get to a full count with two outs. It seems like this happens all the time by Ranger pitchers which allows the baserunners to run on the pitch.

And now Blalock's back is bad again. I'm anxious to see what's next in line at 3rd because even though I have been happy with Hank's play so far, I'm nervous about his long-term health.

Kason Gabbard. Please don't get pissed that the team squandered your performance. Don't get upset because it's going to happen again...and get the point. Hmmmm, maybe this is why pitchers don't want to come to Texas.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blundering Rangers Drop Another

I'm so confused. Are our players this inept? If so, are we really building anything.

No one in our current rotation will be a starter here in three years.

Do you really think Young and Kinsler are the elite middle tandem to build on.

Hamilton is the only outfielder that may be a starter in three years.

Hank won't have the ability to play third in a few years.

We have no first baseman.

Laird will not be here past this season.

If we are lucky, Benoit and Wilson will still be productive, but if so, it's going to take big money to keep them. Maybe more than you want to spend on relief pitching.

The one change I hope comes sooner than later is that Washington is forced to go on Jeff Foxworthy's show to prove he is smarter than a fifth grader. No way he wins if there are categories about sports or grammar.

Harold Reynolds Update

Since I mentioned him I figured I would link to a story updating his situation. Looks like he's not quite as bad as ESPN made him out to be. Good thing they still have Dana Jacobson. I hope someone picks him up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Berman Caught

He's a fool. I know this deals with football, but I saw an blurb about how Clay Bucholz of the Red Sox was spotted drinking with Berman and it made me worry about his interference with our good game. It also made me thing of Harold Reynolds. I always like hearing him talk shop. Can't imagine Reynolds making the work environment more hostile than Berman.

Check out the interview with the man behind the Berman videos. Ranger Game Preview

Texas Rangers, Major League Baseball, Toronto Blue Jays -

I'm jumping on the bandwagon of those frustrated with ESPN. Not only has the television station become a joke (that's not really funny), the dang web page seems to lock up my laptop all the time. I've branched out and found the CBS Sportsline site to provide a good game preview. I'll feature a few others and decide what's best. Got a suggestion? I'd like to know.

Errors Doom Rangers Against Jays

Yeah, yeah. I know we haven't scored enough the last two games to win either, but the shaky defense has got to drop morale and therefore the bats. Padilla was cruising until Cat couldn't hang in to the deep lined hit over his shoulder. Difficult play. Maybe, but one that could spark some momentum rather than rattle a pitcher that struggles to control the marbles he has left. Funny how I never see criticism of Frankie C taking at-bats and playing time away from the youngsters. What's he doing on this team?

Saturday night seemed like the same as other close losses. Mendoza took a little time to settle down in the first but ended up getting out of the first frame with only one runner crossing. It wasn't until three consecutive ball rolled through the left side of the infield that the game was decided. Only Hank's mistake counted as an error but Young could have snagged the ball up the middle and has to knock down his second chance the save a run. People still going to blame the flu? It was a long time ago the Nomar, Jeter, A-rod, and a fielder like Young could be considered elite shortstops. Take a look around the league and tell me our "face of the franchise" is an elite shortstop. Borderline elite hitter these days and not with risp.

Last year I noticed numerous games where people remarked how pitchers threw games against the Rangers that they hadn't shown previous. This year there have been a few gems by a couple more no-names, and I bet there will be more. My reasons:

1. Confidence. They know their hitters will score a few against us.
2. Lack of patience by Ranger hitters. They can get Ranger hitters to swing early and often. Stat packing K totals for a few non-K hurlers.
3. Lack of the long ball threat. Sure Hamilton will poke a few, but I doubt there is too much fear for pitchers when facing Broussard, Bradley, or Hank.
4. Rangers don't run (or bunt, or hit the other way, or sacrifice...) So there are runners in scoring position, so what. We stink with risp.

I know what will keep the Blue Jays from sweeping us since the first time in over 20 years, Scott Feldman. And don't look now, but the only healthy lefty in the pen is "blueglovelefty." Might be a long time between Feldman and Wilson today. I tell you what, I'm going to Scarborough Faire and I'll check in on the boys later. Adios.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Baseball Players as Celebrities

Neat to see a little exploration of the role new media plays in the coverage of MLBers. The article is kind of weak, but worth the read because of the topic alone. I've never understood how Hollywood celebrities are chased and documented while the private lives of the ball player have been left alone. The times, they are a changin'.